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Our vision at Ark-byroo is to become a leading Finnish expert in the fields of construction, development and urban planning. Our mission is to produce groundwork for decision making concerning cultural sites in property development and land-use planning projects.

Our work is guided by the principles of independent expertise and producing information based on solid facts. Our work is not in conflict with commercial interests. Ark-byroo has been serving property owners and developers for over 20 years. Our clients include some of the largest cities in Finland and their subsidiary organs, administrative healthcare districts, universities and other higher education providers, peoperty developers and investors, contractors, architectural and engineering firms as well as housing companies. Our company is certified by the Finnish Construction Quality Association RALA and is a member of both the Finnish Union of Architectural Firms ATL and the union of companies specialised in archaeology and working with cultural heritage sites ARKY. In addition to our own business we aim to improve the fields we work in as wholes. Our office is situated in Kallio, north-central Helsinki in a repurposed parish hall.


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Our permanent staff includes architects, an archaeologist, a graphic designer and a photographer. On a project basis we also employ a landscape architect, a conservator, an IT specialist and archaeologists. Our offices are equipped with all of the most commonly used software for building and land use planning.

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