Hämeentie 11

Location: Helsinki, Sörnäinen Type of assignment: historical survey Orderer: Genesta oy Timing: 2015 Scope: 14 500 m2 Architects: Väinö Vähäkallio Year of completion: 1928

This building originally constructed to serve as headquarters for the Elanto co-operative was studied as part of a development project of the property. The previous use of the building was coming to an end and the re-purposing of it might have required for the master plan to be altered. This monumental red brick building is an example of Nordic classicism and was originally built in 1927-28.

Back in the 1920’s Elanto was the largest co-operative in the Nordic countries and regularly employed architecture as a means of advertising.  This administrative building and it’s later expansion was designed by Väinö Vähäkallio, who was known for his previous work for the company. He was assisted by Ragnar Wessman. In addition to office spaces the building originally housed a carpenter’s workshop, a laundry, some shops flats for its staff and a doctor’s surgery. Architecturally the building mixes influences from Nordic neo classicism and modernism, which is mostly evident in in its rational structures.  The building was raised by several floors in 1941 after plans by Antero Pernaja and in 1967 it was turned into an office building entirely. Regardless these alterations several interiors and exteriors have been well preserved. The building has been protected as a historical landmark by master plan.

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