Location: Pori, Noormarkku Type of assignment: Renovation design Orderer: A. Ahlström oy Timing: 2011 Scope: 600 m2 Architects: Alvar Aalto (1940's alterations) Year of completion: 1890

Located in the Noormarkku ironworks, Vainiola is an old landlord’s residential building modernised by Alvar Aalto in the 1940’s. The renovation project of the Vainiola building aimed to conserve Alvar Aalto’s modernisation of the spaces while also updating them to meet the modern day requirements of hotel accommodation.

The Noormarkku ironworks has been owned by the A. Ahlström company since the 1870’s and its lush grounds are home to several valuable buildings, the most renowned one being Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea. The company has actively promoted the culturally significant ironworks as a destination for tourism and business events. One of the main goals of the design assignment was to increase the capacity for visitor accommodation in the ironworks.

Originally built in the 1890’s Vainiola was an example of turn of the century historicistic styles executed in wood. In the 1940’s Alvar Aalto was assigned to modernise the building’s interior. The current assignment was to increase the amount of guests the building can accommodate and to place bathrooms in every bedroom. The design was to be made with respect towards the spatial solutions and carefully crafted details of Alvar Aalto.

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