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Surveys of archaeological sites produce up-to-date data on the amount and locations of ancient artifacts to support the planning process. When re-purposing land the ancient artifact sites are researched by excavating.

Ruins of Kiihtelysvaara church. ©Juuso Heikinheimo

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Surveying archaeological sites is an important stage in land use planning. A survey of ancient artifacts produces up-to-date data on the location and amount of artifacts in the area so that these protected sites can be taken into consideration at the preparatory stages of the project.

The legislation regarding ancient artifact sites states that a survey of known ancient artifacts must be carried out in conjunction with a land use planning or master planning project. When land is re-purposed during a building project the objectives of both property development and preservation of historical artifacts must be accommodated. Either the building plans are modified and the historical artifact is preserved with protective buffer zone or the preservation status of the artifact is withdrawn after sufficient excavation and research.

We assist landowners with processes. We take part in negotiations with authorities and fill out the necessary applications. Our work is guided by transparency. During field work we pay special attention to planning and following our progress and to communicating with the client and the proper authorities. We report back to our client at regular intervals. This is to make sure the schedule is being followed. Have a look at our previous archaeological projects and read more about commissioning an archaeological survey.


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