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A building’s anniversary or a large scale renovation project are excellent opportunities for sharing the property’s stories and promoting it. Well-known and well preserved architectural heritage stirs admiration and appreciation. Would this be the perfect moment to turn the stories of your property into a high quality publication?

Rakennuksen brändin ikoni
Autotalo ©Ark–byroo

A well-edited, illustrated and beautifully laid out commemorative book is a shared source of pride for all shareholders. A condensed history brings the stories, architectural drawings and photographs of a building together into one volume. A presentable publication filled with meaningful stories can be used to fortify the property’s brand and image, to raise interest and highlight its value as part of our architectural heritage. A good story sells.

A written history provides the building’s tenants and other users with information on the past stages of the housing company, the building’s architecture and the history of the surrounding area. The present and the past are brought together by defining the building’s level of preservation, and take a look into the different historical layers visible in its architecture. In addition to its history, the present state of a building can also be presented in the book by photographs and interviews. It provides a good opportunity to think about the future, as the source materials for strong branding can be found in a building’s history and present state, anticipating the future. The written history can be also published as a website with interactive properties.

A commemorative book can be a strategic tool for a housing company, which encapsulates the building’s specific historical features and can be used to help in planning future investments.

In conjunction with a written history, it is recommended to commission a caretaker’s instruction manual to provide advice on the proper upkeep of the building’s specific historical features. The manual describes the building’s original features and how to look after them in order to preserve them for generations to come.

Have a look at our previous brand books for Autotalo ja Merikatu 5.

Merikatu 5 brand book. ©Ark–byroo

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  • A beautifully illustrated book to commemorate your building
  • The building’s history and its special features condensed into a single volume.
  • A guidebook for future tenants on how to preserve the building’s historical features.

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