Digi-Twin modeling

The Digi-Twin service produces a reliable starting model of the existing building. The starting model is a solid basis for repairing, developing and maintaining the property.

A reliable starting model is the basis for real estate development and maintenance.


The building’s digital twin

The Digi-Twin service produces a three-dimensional model of the building, which contains information about spaces, structures and materials. Next, we tie the model to the local coordinate system and follow the general data model instructions when preparing it.

The digital twin serves the property owner in many ways. An up-to-date information model is valuable for project developers and property managers. The model also enables other digital services.

In a construction project, a reliable initial model supports error-free planning, cooperation and calculation. We provide our customers with maintenance so that the model is always up to date. The digital model is a partner throughout the building’s life cycle.

The digital model is a partner throughout the life cycle of the building.

Why is it worth creating an initial model of an existing building?

A reliable initial model gathers the data from laser scanning and other verifiable data sources. Its information is up-to-date, accurate and tied to the local coordinate system. In the repair project, measurements are obtained directly from the point cloud, which reduces site visits. Laser scanning is also an effective way to document the building to be demolished or the initial situation.

Data model-based working benefits the repair project. The quality of planning and implementation improves when the noise decreases. In addition, the ease of three-dimensional visualisation and quantity calculation support the planning and management of the construction project.

Applying for building permits will require IFC models for both new and renovation projects in the coming years. There will also be new requirements in the construction legislation regarding buildings’ climate and material emission effects. Ordering a reliable starting model from an existing building is the foresight of a wise property owner in a changing regulatory environment.

Building permits will soon go digital.



How to create a digital twin of an existing building

Depending on the object, it is good to allow 12–16 weeks to prepare the initial model. During that time, we map the existing drawing material as background information, laser beam the building, place it in the municipality’s coordinate system and prepare the building data model with the agreed accuracy. Below are the steps for creating an initial model.


The best benefit of cooperation

Although our work process is similar in different projects, we handle each individually. The most important thing is to understand how you, as our customer want to use the model in the future. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, we open the possible uses of the model to you.


Mapping of the initial situation

We initially map the existing drawings, structural studies and condition reports and visit the destination. However, the drawings of old buildings are usually not up-to-date, so a large project should be based on more reliable sources than them.


Laser scanning and photogrammetric measurement

Digi-Twin measures and documents your building using laser scanning or photogrammetric methods. With the help of scanning from the air with a drone, we complement bowling from the ground. The finished measurement data is the basis for the initial model.


Preparation of the initial model

A reliable initial model is an up-to-date and accurate geometric model of your building that contains structured information about its parts. The initial model is a three-dimensional database that enables spatial inspections, several illustration methods and calculation-based services. At Ark-byroo, our designers who know how to skim and model the essential things in construction with the desired accuracy (YTV 2012) produce the initial model.

Finished initial model

Digi-Twin’s initial model is the building’s digital twin, which provides a reliable starting point for the design and maintenance of your property. It provides accurate information of the building’s past and/or current state, and creates the basis for various repair and expansion comparisons, as well as emission calculation.

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